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Szla dzieweczka do laseczka & Zakochany góral - accordion polish folk songs at 06-Sep-15, 02:36
Not afraid my sweet - my accordion composition at 06-Sep-15, 02:35
Giker - my accordion composition at 06-Sep-15, 02:34
It is time on - my own composition at 06-Jun-15, 00:33
First Waltz - my own composition at 05-Jun-15, 23:18
Sunni side of the street at 17-Apr-15, 21:44
Isn't She Lovely at 17-Apr-15, 21:43
Georges BOCCHETTI (Accordéon) et Paul DOUBLIEZ (Piano) at 21-Feb-15, 23:15
Autumn leaves at 29-Jan-15, 21:40
Have you met Miss Jones? at 21-Oct-14, 20:27
Jo Knümann - Rumänisch at 25-Sep-14, 10:32
Kramer - Divertimento at 24-Sep-14, 22:02
Felice Fugazza: Czardas at 23-Sep-14, 22:13
Akkordeon-Ensemble Hermi Kaleta at 23-Sep-14, 14:14
Ein Morgen, ... Akkordeon-Gruppe H. Kaleta at 23-Sep-14, 14:10
Rio-rita at 20-Jul-14, 11:05
Libertango at 20-Jul-14, 11:02
Take the A train at 20-Jul-14, 11:01
I miss ypu at 20-Jul-14, 11:00
In the good mood at 20-Jul-14, 10:57
Autumn leaves at 20-Jul-14, 10:56
Sunny at 20-Jul-14, 10:55
The fat red cat at 20-Jul-14, 10:53
Waltz for Frank at 20-Jul-14, 10:51
Frank Marocco and Me at 20-Jul-14, 10:49
Tango pour Claude (R. Galliano) at 20-Jun-14, 22:48
Gizavo - Trio Remco Sietsema at 27-Mar-14, 11:35
African Rock - Trio Remco Sietsema at 27-Mar-14, 10:32
Funky Monkey - Trio Remco Sietsema at 27-Mar-14, 10:31
Smooth Criminal - Remco Sietsema at 27-Mar-14, 10:30
Heimo Platzner - Medley at 30-Jan-14, 10:39
Paul Peyrer - Chica Chica at 30-Jan-14, 10:39
Gerald Rannacher & Christopher Haritzer - Schau ma mol at 30-Jan-14, 10:38
Robert Krenn - Zirkus Renz at 30-Jan-14, 10:36
Samuel Steiner - Trompetenecho at 30-Jan-14, 10:35
Michael Uhr - Simmerl Polka at 30-Jan-14, 10:33
Spot on RTL-Television at 30-Jan-14, 10:30
Production of a Müller at 24-Jan-14, 08:30
Creative Tango at 24-Jun-13, 08:59
Maggie Carles / Luis Espindola Jazz Band / Noche De Ronda, Olas y Arena, at 19-Jun-13, 19:08
Swing Is King / Luis Espindola Big Band / Jazz Accordion Master & Arranger at 19-Jun-13, 19:06
Satin Doll / Luis Espindola Big Band / Jazz Accordion Master & Arranger at 19-Jun-13, 19:03
"PERDIDO" / Jazz Accordion Master, Luis Espíndola / Trio - Live at 19-Jun-13, 19:00
Luis Espindola Jazz Band, Troy Roberts Tenor Sax Solo & Tutti at 19-Jun-13, 18:57
ORLA @ MusikMesse 2013 at 02-May-13, 16:45
Giuliano Gabriele (live) at 03-Apr-13, 21:48
Giuliano Gabriele at 03-Apr-13, 21:46
"FANTASTIQUE RÊVE" Swing valse di Gianni Mirizzi at 19-Mar-13, 00:23
"ORGOGLIOSO TANGO" - Gianni Mirizzi at 19-Mar-13, 00:16
"ARPEGGIANDO" - Gianni Mirizzi at 19-Mar-13, 00:05
"A NIGHT OF JAZZ" - Gianni Mirizzi at 19-Mar-13, 00:02
china bayan student at 18-Feb-13, 15:40
Astor Piazzolla ''Years Of Solitude'' at 23-Jan-13, 13:56
ESQUISSE at 08-Dec-12, 11:17
GARMON concert presentation at 30-Nov-12, 23:58
Zoltan Orosz - New CD release! 'Contrasts' - Carioca - Libertango - at 06-Oct-12, 16:03
Zoltan Orosz and his Friends - Balkan tune - 2011 - at 06-Oct-12, 16:00
Zoltan Orosz- Csardas - Czardas - at 06-Oct-12, 15:55
Zoltan Orosz - W.A.Mozart - Rondo alla Turca - Turkish Marche - BALKAN VERSION :-) at 06-Oct-12, 15:52
Casatia Czardas von Rolando Bernini at 09-Sep-12, 13:12
Schwedische Walzerfantasie von Will Johnson at 09-Sep-12, 13:11
Rumänisch von Jo Knümann/Curt Herold at 09-Sep-12, 13:07
Two Guitars von Pietro Deiro at 09-Sep-12, 13:04
Pußtastimmung von August Petzmann at 09-Sep-12, 13:01
Ouvertüre Donna Diana von Emil Nikolaus von Reznicek at 09-Sep-12, 12:59
Paraphrase über Walzerthemen von Joh. Strauss von Max. Frischmann at 09-Sep-12, 12:57
Lydia's Tune Jon Hammond and The Late Rent Session Men in Shoreline Amphitheatre at 03-Sep-12, 15:15
Addy Kleijngeld - Czardas ( 1963 ) at 23-Aug-12, 22:38
(diatonic accordion) Tragédie Lego / Didier Laloy at 23-Aug-12, 19:05
La messe est dite - Jacques Pellarin at 07-Aug-12, 13:56
Imaginary Sheep and Other Fantastic Tales at 01-Aug-12, 06:25
Jean-Marc Torchy and Alicia Yerevan - France at 20-Jul-12, 07:07
Bandadriatca - Arriva la Banda at 12-Jun-12, 08:59
Patrick Lui at 07-Jun-12, 10:32
Silvio De Pra and Shaun Patterson at 09-May-12, 21:16
TV Host Learns Accordion at 03-May-12, 22:41
Solo Accordion Project at 03-May-12, 12:27
Ruggieri/De Federicis DUO at 03-May-12, 12:27
OPERA? at 03-May-12, 12:26
RENZO RUGGIERI GROUP at 03-May-12, 12:24
KRAMER PROJECT at 03-May-12, 12:23
Grant 'Yogi' Martin at 27-Apr-12, 05:46
Joselito Boldorini at 19-Apr-12, 17:36
simone zanchini in concerto at 19-Apr-12, 16:29
TWO TRAIN TUNES at 16-Apr-12, 22:01
Dwayne Verheyden at the Conjunto Hall of Fame Awards 2011 at 06-Apr-12, 13:39
Dwayne Verheyden on the Johnny Canales Show at 06-Apr-12, 13:37
Flaco Jimenez en Dwayne Verheyden at 06-Apr-12, 13:34
Dwayne Verheyden - Birthday Gift for Flaco Jiménez #4 at 06-Apr-12, 13:29
Dwayne Verheyden and Mighty Calacas at the Hohner Booth at the Musik Messe Frankfurt (2) at 06-Apr-12, 13:26
The Roayal Squeeze Box / We are the Champions / Queen at 06-Apr-12, 10:58
The Royal Squeeze Box / Bohemian Rhapsody / Queen at 06-Apr-12, 10:57
The Roayal Squeeze Box / The bysicle / Queen at 06-Apr-12, 10:53
My newly designed Lanzinger diatonic 5-row at 09-Mar-12, 23:26
Ken Nicol Turbo Ensemble at 09-Mar-12, 23:21
In Heaven There is No Beer/Yakety Sax at 09-Mar-12, 23:15
Mon mec a moi at 29-Feb-12, 22:16
Suite Hellenique by P. Iturralde:Kalamatinos, Funky at 29-Feb-12, 22:15
Adel:Rolling in the deep at 29-Feb-12, 22:13
Rihanna:Russian Roulette at 29-Feb-12, 22:11
Toto Africa at 19-Feb-12, 16:22
North Korea at 10-Feb-12, 16:28
Michel Teló "Ai se eu te pego " at 04-Feb-12, 18:10
Speranze Predute at 18-Jan-12, 19:08
German Waltz Medley at 31-Dec-11, 23:39
Beer Barrel Polka at 30-Dec-11, 04:35
John Dowland, Lachrimae Antique Pavan at 29-Dec-11, 18:46
Bruno Bartolozzi : Madrigale di Gesualdo at 29-Dec-11, 18:44
Salvatore di Gesualdo : Improvvisazione n°1 at 29-Dec-11, 18:41
J.S.Bach : Toccata&Fuga Dmoll BWV565 at 29-Dec-11, 18:39
J.S.Bach : Contrapunctus I, Die Kunst der Fuge at 29-Dec-11, 18:36
Isaac Albeniz: Asturias at 29-Dec-11, 18:33
Germaine Tailleferre: Nocturne at 29-Dec-11, 18:29
Dino Saluzzi: Gorriòn at 29-Dec-11, 18:26
‘1,2,3 Musette’ Frédéric Deschamps interview. at 10-Dec-11, 20:23
‘1,2,3 Musette’ at 10-Dec-11, 20:18
MY WEB SITE at 08-Dec-11, 00:21
Michel Telo and Scandalli at 05-Dec-11, 18:52
Horror Vacui at 02-Dec-11, 17:27
Grayson Masefield Interview 1,2,3 Musette at 02-Dec-11, 09:07
Grayson Masefield performs la Valse de la Ducasse at 02-Dec-11, 09:04
1,2,3 Musette theme tune at 02-Dec-11, 09:00
Texas Dances at 02-Dec-11, 01:14
Texas Songs at 02-Dec-11, 01:04
Doubleska Polka at 02-Dec-11, 00:42
I'll Be Home for Christmas at 28-Nov-11, 00:40
Frank Marocco in Lithuania at 25-Nov-11, 20:46
LA MARCHA ZACATECAZ at 08-Nov-11, 23:40
Pequena Czarda (Acc/Sax) Pequena Duo at 05-Nov-11, 22:28
Forró em Portugal at 20-Sep-11, 15:46
2011 Terem Crossover at 08-Sep-11, 15:36
"Romp II" at the Tenri Cultural Center, USA at 10-Aug-11, 05:55
Sospiri e Battiti at 03-Aug-11, 16:01
Passacaglia & Fugue in C minor (J.S. Bach) at 23-May-11, 18:49
Amsterdam at 20-May-11, 19:32
Bouleward of broken Dreams at 20-May-11, 19:29
Piadeux - "Chat Pitre" at 20-May-11, 19:24
Piadeux - Trilogie at 20-May-11, 19:15
"Sigh" by Elizabeta Ilievska-Bete at 19-May-11, 19:47
Piadeux - Impressionen at 18-May-11, 10:22
Bruno Maurice at 05-May-11, 21:48
New CD: Kein schoener Land at 14-Apr-11, 10:42
Hommage A Paco by Franck Angelis at 07-Apr-11, 06:09
Back Alley John Band at the King Eddie in Calgary, Alberta, Canada 1995 at 30-Mar-11, 01:54
Franky - Madl komm und tanz mit mir (Austria) at 21-Mar-11, 17:31
Totore Chessa - Passu torrau (organetto sardo) at 21-Mar-11, 17:28
Slowenische Volksweise - Polka - gespielt von Florian Pfitzer at 19-Mar-11, 13:39
Jonathan Besser/Bravura - "Doubt" at 21-Feb-11, 16:32
Karl Frierson of de phazz invites everybody to Koktebel Jazz Festival 2010 at 21-Feb-11, 16:13
Roland V-Accordions...Ben Lovett - Mumford & Sons at 18-Feb-11, 00:41
REMA - portuguese tune by Joao Gentil at 04-Feb-11, 16:51
Joao GENTIL in BRAZIL at 04-Feb-11, 16:50
Joao Gentil TRIUM - LIBERTANGO at 04-Feb-11, 16:48
Joao Gentil TRIUM - Años de Soledad at 04-Feb-11, 16:47
ConLatinidade at 04-Feb-11, 16:46
Cari nonni at 01-Feb-11, 20:17
Semplice come me at 01-Feb-11, 20:15
ZAHRE Accordion at 29-Jan-11, 19:13
ZAHRE Accordion 1 at 29-Jan-11, 19:13
ZAHRE POLCA 37 TASTI 96 BASSI at 29-Jan-11, 19:11
ZAHRE MUSETTE 37 TASTI 96 BASSI at 29-Jan-11, 19:11
ZAHRE VIOLIN 37 TASTI 96 BASSI at 29-Jan-11, 19:10
ZAHARE BIANCA at 29-Jan-11, 19:08
DAVART 2011 at 29-Jan-11, 19:07
Fisarmoniche Zahre at 29-Jan-11, 19:05
Claudio INTIGLIA at 29-Jan-11, 19:04
Danças Ocultas Womex 2010 at 28-Jan-11, 14:30
Lietuvos talentai 2010 finalas - Martynas Levickis extreme accordion skills winner (HD) at 28-Jan-11, 10:14
Martynas Levickis Makes Accordion A Winner, ‘Lithuania’s Got Talent’ – Lithuania at 28-Jan-11, 10:11
Lietuvos talentai Atranka 2010 - Martynas Levickis 2010.11.21 at 28-Jan-11, 10:08
Renzo Ruggieri/Kramer Project at 25-Jan-11, 15:02
Breakfast at Pretoria BB at 23-Jan-11, 17:07
Alpine Angels at 17-Jan-11, 02:25
Original Composition "Polkancerto" by Mike Surratt at 17-Jan-11, 01:48
Roland Diatonic Accordion at 13-Jan-11, 17:21
Sous le ciel de Paris at 29-Dec-10, 01:16
La complainte de la Butte at 29-Dec-10, 01:14
Brise Napolitaine at 29-Dec-10, 01:11
La Voix des Anges at 29-Dec-10, 01:05
Andrea Bocelli with his Fiancee "Les Feuilles Mortes' (Autumn Leaves)" at 14-Dec-10, 21:51
Fingerpickers have more fun at 27-Nov-10, 10:34
Caro Mia at 14-Nov-10, 11:30
Tánc a Hóban at 14-Nov-10, 11:28
Heute hier, morgen dort at 14-Nov-10, 11:26
Ramallah at 14-Nov-10, 11:18
Orosz Zoltán at 03-Nov-10, 18:43
12 Nodi at 28-Oct-10, 13:59
L'Equilibrista at 28-Oct-10, 11:42
Figli del Vento at 28-Oct-10, 11:39
Tico Tico at 15-Sep-10, 22:11
Galina Hristova-chorus at 15-Sep-10, 22:08
Galina Hristova-accordion at 15-Sep-10, 22:05
Caravan at 15-Sep-10, 22:02
Yuri Medianik at 19-Aug-10, 05:37
Blush - composer Jacques Pellarin at 16-Aug-10, 16:21
Koloriages - composer Jacques Pellarin at 16-Aug-10, 16:19
Toccata Op.2 by Zoran Bozanic at 03-Aug-10, 04:28
JUMP THE BORDER--I just want to make love to you at 02-Aug-10, 22:53
Diatonic Duo Pignol-Milleret, Boniface-Boniface, Bottasso-Geoffroy ètètrad 2008 at 29-Jul-10, 16:31
Jonathan Besser/Bravura - Ecstasy Return at 28-Jul-10, 00:05
Jonathan Besser/Bravura - Return at 28-Jul-10, 00:03
Jonathan Besser/Bravura at 28-Jul-10, 00:00
Charade at 23-Jul-10, 21:28
Moondance at 23-Jul-10, 21:25
Flight to Paradise at 23-Jul-10, 21:21
"Omaggio ad Astor Piazzolla" - Vladimir Zubitsky at 03-Jul-10, 10:07
Richard Galliano & Ensemble "Concertino" at 03-Jul-10, 10:05
Augustinas Rakauskas in Lithuanian Superfinals “2 Minutes of Glory” at 28-Jun-10, 18:55
Augustinas Rakauskas in Lithuanian Finals “2 Minutes of Glory” at 28-Jun-10, 18:53
Diatonic: Dwayne Verheyden at the Tejano Conjunto Festival in San Antonio, Texas at 28-Jun-10, 17:14
Diatonic Band Adriatica "Non ho più pace" at 28-Jun-10, 16:07
My Neice and Uncle at 07-Jun-10, 08:42
Maurice and Alanah Jones at 07-Jun-10, 07:06
Zoltan Orosz in Brugge at 17-May-10, 22:38
4th V-Accordion Festival Promo at 14-May-10, 12:23
Roland V-Accordion Festival 2008 (1/4) at 14-May-10, 12:22
Roland V-Accordion Festival 2008 (2/4) at 14-May-10, 12:21
Roland V-Accordion Festival 2008 (3/4) at 14-May-10, 12:21
Roland V-Accordion Festival 2008 (4/4) at 14-May-10, 12:20
'Ramona' another popular one at 11-May-10, 18:57
Famous Beer Barell polka at 11-May-10, 18:23
Pospisil Juniors at 09-May-10, 22:51
Kratce a dobre at 09-May-10, 22:35
Concert at 07-May-10, 21:59
Hohner Accordionist Augustinas Rakauskas in Lithuanian TV Competition, Vilnius - at 08-Apr-10, 22:17
Tango Maria at 04-Apr-10, 16:38
Mary Tokarski on ‘Connecticut Style’ TV show at 26-Mar-10, 17:08
Rock Excelsior Accordion 2xStacks of Marshalls JON HAMMOND at 21-Mar-10, 18:30
First ever Midi Accordion of Hammond Organ by Jon Hammond in Jazzkeller Frankfurt at 21-Mar-10, 10:54
Fragilissimo at 13-Mar-10, 23:17
Grayson Masefield plays "Pondichery Tango" at Primus Ikaalinen 2009 at 28-Feb-10, 03:36
Grayson Masefield plays "La Tempete" at Primus Ikaalinen 2009 at 28-Feb-10, 03:33
Grayson Masefield plays "La Tempete" at Primus Ikaalinen 2009. at 28-Feb-10, 03:32
Grayson Masefield playing Mozart in Lithuania at 27-Feb-10, 01:15
Grayson Masefield playing Variete at 27-Feb-10, 01:13
Au Bonheur de Nacre avec Grayson Masefield at 27-Feb-10, 01:07
Au Bonheur de Nacre avec Grayson Masefield at 26-Feb-10, 19:10
Grayson Masefield playing variété music in Lithuania at 26-Feb-10, 18:00
Grayson Masefield playing Mozart in Lithuania at 26-Feb-10, 17:57
Springtime at the Cold Mountain at 25-Feb-10, 14:12
Roland FR-7x Matthias Matzke at 25-Feb-10, 14:03
Solo recital in the Great Hall of the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki at 22-Jan-10, 17:25
Semionov: Bramsiana at 15-Nov-09, 19:30
V.Vlasov - Arhipelag Gulag mov. II at 15-Nov-09, 19:27
V.Vlasov - Arhipelag Gulag mov. II at 15-Nov-09, 19:24
Bazzini - Dance of Goblins at 15-Nov-09, 19:21
Woosh at 08-Sep-09, 05:03
Happy Birthday Peter at 08-Sep-09, 05:00
Goat Shit in My Norwegian Cheese at 08-Sep-09, 04:57
Hongaria on Fredini accordion at 13-Aug-09, 13:50
Pigalle at 13-Aug-09, 13:36
Pluri-Art at 22-Apr-09, 21:07
Orosz Zoltan - Black Eyes - Oci cornie - Schwarze Augen at 22-Apr-09, 00:36
Orosz Zoltan - Black Eyes - Oci cornie - Schwarze Augen- - - Accordion at 22-Apr-09, 00:35
Orosz Zoltan - Black Eyes - Oci cornie - Schwarze Augen- - - Accordion at 22-Apr-09, 00:33
VIDEO EXPREIMENTAL SMA at 22-Apr-09, 00:04
VIDEO EXPREIMENTAL at 22-Apr-09, 00:00
First ever Midi Accordion of Hammond Organ by Jon Hammond in Jazzkeller Frankfurt at 06-Apr-09, 12:06
Azari Folk Tune at 03-Apr-09, 08:20
Soltan-e-Galbha Persian Song at 03-Apr-09, 08:03
Musical Aquarelles at 02-Apr-09, 20:55
Rustica Suite (part 3) at 02-Apr-09, 20:53
Accordiomania at 31-Mar-09, 04:56
Coamorous Tango Project at 31-Mar-09, 04:54
French Mood at 31-Mar-09, 04:53
Nihad Hrustanbegovic and Grace Jones on Stage - Netherlands at 26-Mar-09, 07:35
S.Geokchaev. Lost letters. Yuri Medianik and "Emotion-orchestra". at 26-Mar-09, 00:05
Jobim. One note samba. Yuri Medianik & "Emotion-orchestra" at 26-Mar-09, 00:04
Franck Pastorale at 26-Mar-09, 00:03
Mendelssohn Spinning Song at 26-Mar-09, 00:01
Premiere of Concerto Armonico, Monterrey - M�xico at 14-Mar-09, 02:19
Astor Piazzolla "Ballet tango"Part 2 ensemble Fandango at 13-Mar-09, 21:12
Orange Blossom Special,Folsom Prison Blues Medley at 13-Mar-09, 21:00
Premiere of Concerto Armonico, Monterrey - M�xico at 13-Mar-09, 01:17
Occhi Neri ( Ojos Negros ) at 06-Mar-09, 20:23
Huapango at 06-Mar-09, 19:23
Ciribiribin at 06-Mar-09, 19:18
Concerto Armonico III at 06-Mar-09, 19:17
Concerto Armonico II at 06-Mar-09, 19:16
Concerto Armonico I at 06-Mar-09, 19:15
Concerto Armonico at 06-Mar-09, 08:57
Francesco Palazzo at 05-Mar-09, 20:04
Lydie Auvray at 05-Mar-09, 20:02
Pascal Contet at 05-Mar-09, 20:00
sylvia pagni at 05-Mar-09, 19:57
"Forgive Me" By The Gaither Vocal Band (FULL) at 05-Mar-09, 19:52
Duo Zubitsky at 05-Mar-09, 19:50
Tampalini - Marini at 05-Mar-09, 19:48
Kathleen Delaney/ Claudio Jacomucci at 05-Mar-09, 19:45
"Why Me, Lord" By The Gaither Vocal Band (FULL) at 05-Mar-09, 19:43
Renato Borghetti at 05-Mar-09, 19:41
Romano Viazzani and Mauro Carra at 05-Mar-09, 19:28
Orosz Zolt�n Tri� at 05-Mar-09, 19:26
Uwe Steger at 05-Mar-09, 19:23
Orosz Zolt�n at 05-Mar-09, 19:19
NAMM 2009 at 05-Mar-09, 19:17
Frank Marocco at 05-Mar-09, 19:12
Marco Lo Russo at 05-Mar-09, 19:09
Grace Jones at 05-Mar-09, 18:32
Shakira at 05-Mar-09, 18:24
Grace Jones at 05-Mar-09, 18:05
Jerome Richard at 25-Feb-09, 20:29
movie 1 at 23-Feb-09, 20:28
Alexander Dmitriev - Flight of the Bumble Bee at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
Campbell Bettridge -Prelude and Fugue in Dm - J S Bach at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
Campbell Bettridge - The Chase at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
Campbell Bettridge - Scarlatti at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
Yuri Medianik, at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
Yuri Medianik at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
Hunter Hayes: Jambalaya at 26-Jan-09, 00:00
Kaoma - Lambada - most viewed accordion on Youtube at 26-Jan-09, 00:00 is currently under development, every week we introduce new features! Stay tuned!
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